Operation Beautiful

She looks in the mirror, they tell her she is beautiful, why doesn’t she believe what they say? They say that here eyes are the epitome of beauty, but they are sockets of… Continue reading

And the Sun Rises on the Last Day

If it hasn’t already become apparent, my apprehension has escalated more with every day. I’m ready for senior year to be over, I’m ready to move out, I’m ready for my summer to… Continue reading

Something About a Moth

There’s something about a moth in my home. I don’t really feel like home without them, if only because the house just seems a little empty. I know, I’m a little strange. I… Continue reading

More than the Sun

Above the throne of the rubies and the glittering garnets etched in sky, the clouds that paint the wisps of stain in the hearth, of the embers above the sun after rise. I… Continue reading

The Aroma of the Bees

A gentle click-click of the heels and he’s off, another of sweet nectar spilled upon his chest. Quick eyes of searching, of attainment and determination catch upon his behest.


As I began packing all of the things I plan on taking with me in my new adventure, I came across a box of old photos from my childhood. My curiosity got the… Continue reading

Just Another Weed in the Grass

I woke with a song, some love-sick melody, I strolled through the gardens and only saw the weeds. Overgrown in a forest, never thought it could have meant anymore than just a dandelion,… Continue reading

Blossoms in the Morning

  Life is but a blossom, death is but a wilt. But war and sorrow are an early frost that make the summer still.

Just After the Storm

I must apologize now for the lack of good quality in this photo (it was taken on my iPhone), but it is one of the most important photos I have ever taken, I… Continue reading

A Sunset Beneath the Park

Beneath the sky, among the droplets of rain, maybe I pretend. Maybe I lie. But maybe, just maybe, above logic or reason, the clouds in my mind come into fruition in the sky.… Continue reading